Expected Reading

Ordering three books today from Amazon, which should be delivered within next 5 days. They all are with massive good reviews on Amazon. can't wait to get to read these books!

Classical Music Events

Today, I was seeking for the information about Classical Music Events at Brinkburn, I've decided go there on the second week of the event. Am I looking forward to it? Yes, definitely!

Home Kitchen Photos

My First Property

On the 15th March 2006, I bought my first property in U.K

Trip to Italy

Milan and Venice (27 Feb 2006 - 2 Mar 2006)

Xmas in Reading

Spending the Xmas holiday at Reading (24 Dec 2005 - 30 Dec 2005)

Trip to Switzerland

Wengen, Geneva (18 Dec - 23 Dec 2005)

Trip to Netherland

Amsterdam (25 Sept 2005 - 28 Sept 2005)

Trip to Nottingham

e-Science Conference (19 Sept 2005 - 22 Sept 2005)

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